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The Super MAMA Awards Ceremony is over. Sanosan helps Hot Mom to meet better herself.


  On September 23, 2018, the 2nd Super MAMAMA Competition was held in Beijing as scheduled. The splendid performances on the beautiful stage in the venue are branded with dreams. The celebrities, international supermodels, brand guests, mother and baby red men, and dozens of mainstream media focus on this glorious grand occasion of "mother crowd". During the annual awards ceremony, Super MAMAMA boarded the hot topics of microblogging; Taobao official live broadcasting; 50 contestants jointly composed of "Red Man Live Broadcasting Group" will present the live grand occasion on many live broadcasting platforms, online direct attack on the grand event of mother and child in all directions. More than 100 million people watched live and 300 million people were exposed online.




The contest lasted three months. 2000 mothers from all over the country completed the online Shanghai elections. Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Jinan were offline in the five contest areas. Finally, 50 competitors jointly competed for 12 awards including Super MAMAMA Championship. In the end, 12 hot mothers topped the list of honors and won awards.

As a special partner of this Super MAMAMA competition, Haroshen Germany witnessed the performance and story of hot mothers together. Ms. Wei Heng, marketing director of Haroshen China, presented the third-place trophy to Super MAMAMA runner-up Li Dana and offered 10,000 yuan of Haroshen products. At the same time, she jointly signed Beijing Nine Hours and invited Li Dana to become Haroshen's "Skin Guardian Ambassador" to launch the "Skin Pro Plan" campaign. In the future, Haroshen will cooperate more deeply with Beijing Nine Hours.



The Super MAMA  Annual Awards Ceremony is dedicated to the recognition of mothers and opinion leaders who have been active in various fields throughout the year, so that every mother has the opportunity to dream on the stage. As a special partner of the Super MAMAMA competition, Haroshen also takes this event to pay tribute to the love and devotion of all mothers. Haroshen, as a professional mother and child care brand in Germany, has been adhering to the concept of Health Science for many years, in order to benefit more mothers and babies, adhering to the German spirit of craftsmen, with a rigorous attitude to breast-feeding care and natural love for babies.