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Sanosan participates in the Super Banquet of Shanghai Closing Week on Chinese Pregnant Women's Day 2018


In 2018, China Pregnant Women's Day toured 40 cities throughout the country. As a co-organizer, the German Haroshen brand participated in the Super Banquet of the Closing Week of China Pregnant Women's Day held in Shanghai from September 14 to 16, 2018.

The event was solemnly held in the exhibition hall of Shanghai World Trade Mall. About 5000 groups of mothers'families came to the event site. The event not only sponsored a wealth of gifts to give back to the participants, but also gave many surprises to consumers.

On September 14, Haroshen participated in the award ceremony of fashion award. Among them, the star product Haroshen Soft Moisturizer won the Best Parenting Partner Award and won the praise of consumers.

On September 15, the general manager of the company, Mr. Jiang Meng, joined hands with Queen C to participate in the national finals of Queen C and served as the judge of the event. At the same time, we invited Dr. Xixue, a well-known mother and child care expert, and Mother Du Wen, the Queen C champion, to bring you a professional live broadcast of maternal and newborn care. The live broadcast attracted 347,000 people and won 460,000 praises.

While bringing good skin care experience to consumers, Haroshen has always been concerned about and committed to the development of charity, conveying good moral character and fulfilling social responsibility. We donated 50,000 yuan worth of Haroshen charity products to mothers and children in need.

Haroshen, Germany, breast-feeding care, accompany you the most beautiful time!