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German Sanosan China Image 2018 brand-new upgrade with pure love to the baby just right care



Haroshen, a professional mother and child care brand from Germany, was born in German MasterCard Company in the 1980s. Haroshen has always advocated the concept of breast-milk-like health products, and spared no effort in the ecological safety of products. As an authoritative brand of mother and baby skin care in Germany with more than 30 years of history, Haroshen has been loved and respected by young mothers since its entry into China in 2010. In 2018, Haroshen's image of China has been upgraded completely, devoted to breast-feeding care and natural love for Chinese babies with rigorous and serious scientific spirit.

On September 9, the new image conference of Haroshen 2018 brand with the theme of "skin stories of mothers and babies" was successfully held in the first floor atrium of Shanghai Heshenghui Mall. High-level officials from Haroshen, Germany, representatives of partners such as Ruoyuchen and friends from the news media attended the meeting. On the scene of the conference, Weiheng, marketing director of Haroshen China, Germany, shared Haroshen's brand-new concept of care, advocating mothers to use the safest, gentlest and closest products to breast milk to care for their skin. In addition, the consumers of the shopping mall also participated in the exhibition. They can not only visit 

Over the years, Haroshen has been adhering to the concept of Health Science nursing, in order to benefit more mothers and care for the healthy growth of babies. This brand-new upgrade of Haroshen's image of China is also from the perspective of Chinese consumers, catering to the upgrade trend of consumption in China's mother and child market. In the future, Haroshen will redefine the consumption mode of infant skin care in China with the concept of high-quality products + scientific nursing, leading the development of the industry.